What should I look for in an Aesthetician?

Aestheticians can play an essential role in maintaining and improving the health of the skin. Since each patient is unique, I often stress the importance of cultivating a long term relationship in order to maximize the effectiveness of treatments. The first step is finding one you love. Here are five qualities everyone should look for:

  • Knowledge - She should have a thorough understanding of conditions, procedures, medications, products, ingredients and all things dermatological.
  • Communication Skills - She should be able to understand her patients' issues and provide them with the information they need to achieve their skin care goals.
  • Honesty - She should be willing to explain risks and set expectations since often patients expect results that can only be achieved through a physician.
  • Cleanliness - She should use sanitized and sterile instruments, gloves, and disposable tools at all times.
  • Personableness - She should sincerely care about patients' skin care problems and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Word of mouth is a great first step in finding a great aesthetician, or if you're starting your search from scratch, visit our Physician Finder which can connect you with authorized SkinMedica medical practices or medical spas near you.