The Importance of Skin Care Compliance

In dermatologic circles, patient compliance can mean the difference between an optimal result and less-than-stellar outcome. A dermatologist has extensive training and experience prescribing skin care regimens and makes their recommendations based on what is best for the health of your skin—accordingly, it is important to follow their instructions and use products as directed...

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Discover SkinMedica Hydrating Complex

Healthy skin is hydrated skin. SkinMedica’s Hydrating Complex relies on a specialized blend of hyaluronic acids to repair dehydrated skin at the source. It replenishes moisture levels and leaves the skin looking smooth, firm and rejuvenated...

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Great Skin Care in the Hamptons

Attending Social Life Magazine’s summer cocktail party felt like the set of a movie—glamorous, beautiful and chic. Social Life Magazine hosted the event with cover girl Sonja Morgan at the exquisite Social Life Estate in the Hamptons, capturing the ambiance of the area’s most prestigious socialite parties. SkinMedica’s clinically tested products were the perfect match for this discerning crowd. As an event sponsor, SkinMedica created quite a bit of buzz among the very fashionable attendees...

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What They Don’t Teach You in Medical School

“Diseases don’t read the textbooks.” I’ve referenced this phrase repeatedly during my years of dermatological practice. Nothing ever looks like it does in school or on paper—and despite our comprehensive medical training, today’s dermatologists must keep pace with evolving technology and understand the need for a broad-spectrum view of skin care.

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Mapping Acne Breakouts

If you suffer from acne, you may feel like there’s no rhyme or reason to where breakouts occur. However, different areas of the face may be more susceptible to breakouts than others. The skin does not act in isolation from the rest of the body; in fact, what surfaces on the skin is often a direct reflection of what’s going on inside the body.
The forehead, nose and chin (known as the t-zone) are often oilier than the rest of the face and more apt to develop pimples, blackheads and clogged pores, whereas the skin around the eyes lacks oil glands…

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Summer Skin Care Made Easy

Summer comes with its own set of skin woes. Fortunately, healthier summer skin is easy with SkinMedica’s three-step approach.

Use Skin Polisher regularly to remove dull, dry skin that can clog pores.
Vitamin C + E Complex fights free radical damage with potent…

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The Right Time to Begin a Skin Care Regimen

Angie Scott, Medical Aesthetician and Owner; FACES Corrective Skin Care and Permanent Cosmetics, Lambertville, Mich.

We hear so much about prevention when it comes to skin care, and for good reason: By taking care of our skin early on, we can help to preserve its youthful appearance for years to come.

Most skin aging starts at a young age. The sun can begin to degrade collagen in the early childhood years when sun exposure first begins. In fact, a smattering of freckles is often a child’s first visible sign of sun exposure.

The commitment to sun protection…

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Scarring After Surgery: Management and Treatment

The skin is amazingly self-sufficient. Though it requires lifelong care and protection, it has its own complex healing process to deal with trauma. Scar formation is a normal part of the skin’s natural healing after surgery, and with proper care and vigilance by both patient and doctor, this healing process can be monitored without damage to the skin.

My philosophy for scar management is three-fold: Use proper clinical…

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Travel-Friendly Skin Care

Planning a vacation this summer? Don’t slack on skin care while you’re away!

Instead, make your regimen travel-friendly by packing sample or travel sizes of your favorite products, or transfer your skin care products to mini plastic bottles (three ounces or less, per TSA regulations).

In flight, take steps to avoid dehydration,…

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What’s the Perfect Skin Care Dose?

In an effort to maximize the efficiency of skin care products, it’s often tempting to slather on creams and serums with abandon. But to achieve the best results from your skin care, how much is too much?

Often, the answer is quite simple: A little goes a long way. Clinical skin care products are typically formulated with high concentrations of potent ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids. When these…

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