I understand and agree that by selecting automatic shipments for these SkinMedica products I will receive the same products, as well as any other products that I may choose to add in the future, on a reoccurring basis in accordance with the delivery schedule that I selected for each product when I established my automatic delivery preferences.  Accordingly, I hereby preauthorize SkinMedica to debit my account on a reoccurring basis for the total price of each automatically delivered shipment of products, including shipping and handling costs and any applicable taxes, until I notify SkinMedica otherwise by email at info@skinmedica.com. 

I understand that each automatic delivery will be processed approximately ten (10) days after I receive an email from SkinMedica confirming my automated order for such shipment.  I understand that if I cancel this preauthorization prior to the date upon which an automatic order is processed, such order will be cancelled and all subsequent automatic orders will also be cancelled.  On the other hand, if I cancel this preauthorization on or after the date such automatic order is processed, I understand that I will not be able to cancel that specific order, but that all subsequent automatic orders will be cancelled.  Any automatically delivered products which were not timely canceled prior to processing may be returned in accordance with the return policy set forth in SkinMedica’s Sales Policy.

I understand that the price for each product in this initial order is not guaranteed for subsequent automatic shipments.  Instead, the price of any product being automatically shipped will be the price applicable to such product at the time my order is processed, as reflected on SkinMedica’s website.  If the actual price I will be charged for a product will vary from the price of such product in my most recent automatically delivered shipment, SkinMedica will provide me an email notifying me of the same at least ten (10) days in advance of debiting my account.

I hereby agree to accept an electronic copy of this authorization and the notifications described above via email.  However, I understand that I have the right to receive a hard copy of this authorization in the future upon providing notice thereon to SkinMedica by by email at info@skinmedica.com. I also understand that I may use the print feature on my web browser to print out a hard copy of this authorization.  In addition, by logging in to my Site account and navigating to the "Order History" section, I may access and review and print a hard copy of this authorization at any time for up to one year from the date this initial order is submitted to SkinMedica.

I understand that before I receive an electronic copy of this authorization and am enrolled in the automatic delivery program, I must reply to the confirmation email that I receive from SkinMedica as indicated in the email.  I understand that in order to access the confirmation email and to access and retain the electronic copy of this authorization, I will need a computer and an email account.

I understand that I may update my contact information at any time, so that SkinMedica may contact me electronically, by logging in to my Site account and navigating to the "Edit Account" section.