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Behind the Scenes at Fashion Week

SkinMedica® was on-hand at the VIP Styling Lounge to educate and provide treatments

New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is all about looking good, and skin is no exception. SkinMedica’s very own Senior Clinical Aesthetician Lora Colvan set up shop at the exclusive VIP Styling Lounge at Manhattan’s Empire Hotel, where she provided celebrities and the fashion world’s bold-faced names with skin care consultations and performed SkinMedica’s most popular treatments. So we had to ask…

Q. What were the top skin care concerns of our favorite celebrities?
A. The most frequent question I received was definitely the age-old question, “How can I look younger?” This, of course, is one of the most common queries I hear on a daily basis, but it was especially prevalent with all the young models running around the city for Fashion Week! My number-one recommendation for anyone concerned about visible signs of aging is always TNS Essential Serum®, since its growth factor blend works wonders for restoring skin to a more youthful state, while helping to prevent aging changes.

Q. Which treatments did you perform at the VIP Styling Lounge to help the attendees put their best face forward?
A. Since every skin is different, I always start with a mini-consultation to quickly assess the skin’s condition and the client’s concerns. Then, depending on the issues and the goals, I created a customized 20-minute treatment geared toward their individual needs. Here are a few examples…

Oily skin
My go-to treatment for oily skin is a combination of products that calm and purify. After properly cleansing the skin, I combine SkinMedicas’ Purifying Masque and Calming Masque then apply it directly to the face to soothe and draw out skin impurities. I then applied Uplifting Eye Serum with an eye pad cover for 5 minutes for a mini-break from the stress of Fashion Week. Once the masques are completely rinsed, I applied TNS Line Refine® for an instant airbrushed effect.

Dehydrated skin
When providing skin care treatments to patients with dehydrated skin, my focus is on moisture. I aim to replenish the skin’s moisture reservoir while improving the overall hydration of the skin. To achieve this goal, I first apply Hydrating Complex over a well cleansed face, then TNS Hydrating Masque™ for a deeply nourishing skin treat. (My go-to final touch, TNS Line Refine®, was then applied for an instant airbrushed effect and flawless glow.)

If the client had a little extra time, I performed an Illuminize Peel® for an immediate gorgeous glow. The beauty of this peel is that it allowed clients to get back to the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week without looking red or irritated.

Q: Mini-treatments and skin-type specific products aside, what else did the celebrities leave the VIP Styling Lounge with?
A: Most importantly, the clients I treated walked away with education! I explained what was going on with their skin, and described the featured ingredients of each product as I used them. I also showed clients the clinical studies associated with SkinMedica® products and then they were even more interested (and eager to continue their regimens at home!).