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Dealing with Rosacea and Redness

April is Rosacea Awareness Month, which makes this the perfect time to talk about skin redness. Sixteen million American women and men suffer from persistent redness, and if you’re one of them, the best first step is to see a dermatologist to evaluate the cause of this skin condition. But even if you don’t have rosacea, that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to calm your complexion.

The National Rosacea Society is a great resource for anyone suffering from this skin condition disorder or skin redness in general. Although the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, all facial flushing is the result of blood vessels that dilate too easily, leading to visibly red skin. In those with rosacea, redness is often accompanied by acne-like lesions, and flare-ups that can be triggered by spicy foods, hot liquids, alcohol, changes in weather and other lifestyle or environmental factors. Inflammation is a major contributor to rosacea and any skin flushing, and it is also responsible for the redness associated with acne.

Treatments for rosacea and redness vary depending on the severity of the skin reaction, and dermatologists may recommend oral antibiotics, lasers and skin care products. As with any patients with sensitive skin, those who experience redness should choose gentle skin care products free of harsh ingredients, and steer clear of acids and other exfoliating products that can cause irritation. Anti-inflammatory ingredients can also help soothe redness.

One problem with over-the-counter skin care products that claim to soothe redness is that many of these contain active ingredients that have never been proven to address the underlying causes of visible redness. These products may provide redness relief for the short-term only to result in rebound redness or just provide a temporary tint as cover-up.

One product that has been proven to alleviate the appearance of visible redness is SkinMedica’s Redness Relief CalmPlex. This treatment moisturizer is designed for those who suffer from chronic or acute, UV-induced redness, and it can also be used by anyone who experiences flushing. As opposed to being a treatment for a specific skin condition, Redness Relief CalmPlex is a treatment moisturizer that fits into any skin care regimen for anyone with redness prone skin. It won’t clog pores and it provides adequate moisture for most skin types. Redness Relief CalmPlex contains niacinamide to help strengthen the skin’s barrier and make sensitive skin more resilient. When used in conjunction with a gentle face wash, clinical testing shows a marked improvement in physician-graded redness. (Just remember to apply sunscreen daily on top of Redness Relief CalmPlex, as sun exposure can make redness worse.)