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Healthy Skin Must-Haves

My job comes with many benefits, but the one that’s most important to me as an aesthetician is the ability to change the lives of my patients. I have the opportunity to test all different types of treatments and skin care products so that I can find what really works and share that knowledge with my patients. Accordingly, my must-have skin care items are the same tried-and-true products that I recommend to my patients every day.

Every face is like a canvas and my goal is to create beautiful artwork. I equate beautiful skin with healthy skin, and this concept really resonates with my patients. And while everyone deserves unique treatment, there are certain ingredients and products that are known to be must-haves on every skin type.

First and foremost: sunscreen always, regardless of skin type or climate. I want my patients to understand what the sun does to their skin—I call it mutilation. The sun is the number one cause of skin aging and a primary contributor to melanoma, one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States.

In addition to daily use of SkinMedica’s TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer™ SPF 20, I am a recent convert to Colorescience® Sunforgettable® Mineral Powder Brush™ SPF 30. This portable, brush-on powder delivers a hint of color, has a lightweight, sheer texture and can be used on sensitive skin. We all need a touch up throughout the day, so why not use a powder that also packs a powerful SPF?

Antioxidants are another crucial line of defense in the fight against skin aging. I talk to my patients about the importance of protecting their skin from free radical damage and make this step easy for them by suggesting SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum®, a multi-benefit product with a host of antioxidants for great results.

When it comes to correction, everyone should commit to using a retinol. While antioxidants and sunscreen both protect against the free radical damage, retinol works hand in hand to help enhance skin through exfoliation.

Retinol also helps unearth the appearance of healthier skin tone and texture by resurfacing the dead skin that clog pores and make the skin look dull. I love SkinMedica Tri-Retinol Complex ES™, which contains three types of vitamin A and a gradual release system for enhanced exfoliation without the irritation associated with many topical retinols.

I’ve also gotten my patients hooked on my beloved Vitalize Peel® from SkinMedica. When patients come to my office after incurring a summer’s worth of sun damage, we get back on track with a commitment to skin care and a series of peels every six weeks. By the holiday season, their skin looks fantastic!

My skin care philosophy is straightforward: Find simplicity in what works and you’ll be rewarded with real change. Every skin condition can improve when met with proper treatment, care and maintenance; it just takes the right products and a commitment to seeing a response in the skin.