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Preparing for summer travel

Your SkinMedica® favorites are TSA-approved!

It’s summer travel season, and just because you’re heading out of town doesn’t mean you should leave your skin care regimen home. Nothing gets a trip off on the wrong foot like having your products confiscated at airport security, but luckily all of your SkinMedica favorites are TSA-approved, so you can have beautiful skin and a beautiful vacation.

Instead of lugging around a full-size cleanser, make Skin Polisher your skin’s travel companion. Designed to gently lift dull, dead cells from the skin with round, soft jojoba beads that won’t irritate skin, after just a few days you’ll see a revitalized complexion that most people will think is a result of a relaxing getaway. The cream formulation won’t overdry skin, and leaves you with a gorgeous glow.

There’s no need to check the labels of your SkinMedica Skin Rejuvenation, Age Defense, Moisturize or Acne products either, since all our packaging meets the TSA’s 3-ounce rule. This means you can take steps to fight the appearance of wrinkles, breakouts, redness and your other pressing skin concerns even when you’re on the road.

And no summer vacation is complete without sunscreen! SkinMedica® Environmental Defense Sunscreens (available in SPF 30+ and 50+) are carry-on friendly. The only thing worse than arriving at your destination without your skin care products is a sunburn—so SPF is one thing you do not want to leave home without.

Summer vacations—especially those that involve a lot of beach or pool time—can leave skin vulnerable to the ravages of the sun. Sometimes sunscreen accidents happen, whether you miss a spot or forget an area altogether (the ears and tops of the feet are the most common), but using one of our antioxidant products after sun exposure can help fight free-radical damage. So even if you’re not using Vitamin C+E Complex or one of our antioxidant-enriched moisturizers or SPF products, stocking up before your trip can help keep you skin healthy and beautiful for the long term.

So wherever your travels take you this summer, don’t forget to pack your SkinMedica skin care essentials. Your skin will thank you today, tomorrow and for years to come!